ION Technologies Pumps

Battery Backup Pump Systems & Control

Known for our reliable and established sump pump and battery backup systems, Ion Technologies empowers homeowners with our sophisticated and intuitive pump monitoring and control technology.

Battery Backup System

  • Fully automatic auxiliary power source

  • Backup system runs on AC or DC power

  • Runs the same ⅓ HP pump with power on or off

  • Ion+® digital level control sensor with integrated alarms

Digital Level Control Switch

  • Rated for use in both sump & sewage pump applications

  • Will work with any 115 volt pump up to 15 amps

  • Solid state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail

  • Designed to operate for over 2 million cycles

  • Longer pumping differential means it will pump more water less frequently

  • 10 and 20 foot cord options are available

Battery Backup System

  • Smaller footprint and lighter than original Sumpro with quieter operation

  • Easy to read LCD screen for real time monitoring

  • Alarm contact for remote monitoring and notification

  • Solar and wind inputs for battery charging

  • Improved charging circuit

  • High inrush capability

Smart Controller and Sensors

The Ion Genesis® is a first of a kind digital pump controller that is designed to operate one or two pumps. The Ion®Digital Level Sensors are used in place of standard float switches. These digital sensors incorporate smart sensing technology that sends critical system information such as pump amp draw, how long the pump operates, water level, and many more features direct to the Ion Genesis® controller. You can collect and analyze system data never before possible with the level sensor controllers. Any change or variation in your system performance will sound an alarm or alert of possible equipment failure before flooding occurs. This new technology allows you to adjust the turn on level of your system without removing the system cover.

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