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CECO Cast Iron & S.S. Sinks



In 1928, CECO founder Michael Hurray decided to offer a superior line of porcelain enameled cast-iron fixtures for residential and commercial plumbing systems. These products of supreme workmanship, versatile design, and resilient materials would deliver lasting value and stand the test of time.

For over four generations, family-owned CECO (Commercial Enameling Company) has become a mainstay feature of homes and businesses across the country. From kitchen and bathroom sinks in homes, schools, and hospitals to lavatories and floor sinks in supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes, CECO products are trusted to function impeccably whenever needed. 

The CECO foundry was established to manufacture cast iron sinks with porcelain enamel applications, and sell them to neighboring families and businesses. In the heat of World War II, CECO shifted factory output to cast metal bomb casings that would be used by U.S. troops fighting abroad.

The Hurray family expanded the CECO product line to include kitchen and bar sinks, lavatories, laundry trays, service sinks, floor sinks, and accessories. Matthew and Mark Hurray eventually took over the reigns of CECO, but only after working their way up from the warehouse floor, to the foundry and enameling room, onto customer service and finally into sales and manufacturing.

Today, co-owners Matthew and Mark continue to deliver the CECO promise of quality craftsmanship and genuine care for each product that leaves their warehouse doors. Every CECO fixture is a tribute to the pursuit of the dream that began back in 1928; where every satisfied customer is testimony to a brighter future ahead.

CECO Milestones

  • CECO offers a limited lifetime warranty on a wide range of plumbing fixture designs, makes, and models, including a variety of discontinued products no longer offered by competitors.  

  • CECO products are readily available to be shipped nationwide from their distribution center headquartered in Santa Ana, California, or from regional warehouses strategically located throughout the country.

  • CECO has formed strategic global partnerships and streamlined their manufacturing, distribution, and triple-inspection process to ensure a superior product each and every time. 

541 Service Sink 19x17
866 Service Sink 22x18
867 Service Sink 22x18
553 Service Sink 20x18
871 Corner Service &  Mop Sink 28x28
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