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Aero Pure Fans

Shopping for exhaust fans can be exhausting.


Aero Pure has created a reliable, great looking collection of fans that will meet all your ventilation needs. Since 2009, Aero Pure has been committed to providing our customers with the newest technology in bathroom exhaust fans and heater fans.


Why would you put something basic looking in your new dream bathroom?

Every home needs to exhaust those nasty smells and excess moisture that can cause mold and mildew buildup. Aero Pure does both jobs quietly and efficiently. With a pretty face.



Innovative great looking products like the Re-modeler from Aero Pure uses new Cyclonic Technology to help improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality and remove 10X more contaminated air area than traditional exhaust fans.


Our Fan-tastic heater fans deliver immediate warmth when you step out of your shower or bath. Patented ceramic heat bulbs keep your bathroom warmer with fewer cold spots. Stop heating the entire house just to have a warm bathroom!


Humidity and motion sensors and optional adjustable-speed or variable speed continuous run settings are just a few of the options available from Aero Pure.

Energy efficient Aero Pure fans offer you many choices to meet today’s demanding building standards and meet ASHRAE 62.2, Energy Star, CALGreen and California Title 24, and LEED for Homes national standards for achieving acceptable indoor air quality.


New technology, better designs, and easy installation; that’s Aero Pure.

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