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General News:

Royo - Leading global company in the sector of bathroom furniture

April 16, 2019

Metro-rep would like to announce the addition of Royo Group to the Family of lines!!

About Us

Royo is a leading global company in the sector of bathroom furniture, exclusive shower trays and columns. We’re present in Spain, Poland, Mexico, the United States and India, and we’re still expanding.
We now produce more than one million pieces of furniture every year.
Our aim: to improve people’s quality of life in their most private living space by making the difference.
Royo forms part of the group RGIB, Royo Group International Bathroom.

45 Years of experience


At Royo, we have more than 45 years of experience exporting to 60 countries. 80% of our business is generated in the international market.


Innovation is one of our main strengths and our R&D&I centre is made up of a large team of engineers and designers. We constantly experiment with materials and designs that increase the quality and functionality of our products to offer better solutions to your needs.


We create products that can be used globally, but with local needs also considered. That is why we are present in 5 of the 6 continents with products conceived and designed according to the tastes of each region.

Copy Of -dahl valves - The Quality Leader for over 60 years!!

January 31, 2018

Metro-rep would like to announce the addition of dahl valves to the Family of lines!!

The premium quality of every dahl valve and pipe hanging product is a promise we make, and a promise we keep, to all of our customers.  Quality products and quality service are our only priority.

dahl quality is evident in the weight of our products.  In many cases, the weight of our product is double that of others, so just by holding it in your hand, you can sense that Dahl products are superior.

100% North American

In the plumbing industry, sourcing of raw materials, parts, packaging and/or finished goods offshore is commonplace.  dahl products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our Canadian facilities.  We source our raw materials and components from the United States or Canada.  This gives us control over product quality and on-time delivery to customers.

LifeTime Warranty

In order to warranty our products for a lifetime, quality is inherent.  dahl valves are guaranteed for as long as you own the property in which they were installed.

Our products exceed CSA and IAPMO requirements.

The 1/4 Turn dahl mini-ball™ Valve

dahl pioneered the 1/4-turn mini-ball™ valve for North American supply stops in 1984.

dahl mini-ball™ valves are available in thousands of configurations.  Patented modular design allows for production of a valve for multiple plumbing and hydronic applications.

Design attributes of 1/4-turn mini-ball™ valves

Non-rising stem.. The non-traveling stem stem prevents mineral deposits and other fouling from damaging the seal and causing leaks.

Sealing feature. PTFE seals are used to ensure smooth operation and prevent fouling for their lifetime.

Better materials are the first step to better quality

dahl sets stringent standards for our suppliers.  We thoroughly test any material prior to considering purchase.  dahl never compromises on quality standards.  All raw materials utilized are sourced from the United States or Canada.

Brass. Compared to “offshore” brass, American brass has fewer impurities and a preferable microstructure.  This results in far superior corrosion resistance in aggressive water conditions.

PTFE. The quality of American PTFE rod dahl purchases for precision-machined ball valve seals is unmatched, and critical to long product life.  dahl mini-ball™ valves have been life cycle tested to over 700,000 cycles without failure.

O-Rings. dahl only purchases American O-rings made from the highest quality compounds.  O-rings used by dahl are free from common defects such as geometric deficiencies that cause leaks and rapid deterioration caused by inferior resistance to aggressive elements in the water.

A LifeTime Warranty Backed by Superior Customer Service

dahl’s warranty is the industry’s best, and clearly proves the quality of the products.  It is the result of over 50 years of manufacturing experience.

dahl’s position as the industry leader is demonstrated by the immediate responsiveness of customer service representatives.  Your call will be answered within 15 seconds from the time you are connected to the phone system.  We also monitor e-mails real-time and strive to respond upon receipt.

Viega Flushing Systems

March 01, 2017

Metro-rep would like to announce the addition of VIEGA Flushing Systems to the Family of lines!!

Beauty on the outside. Brilliance on the inside.

Viega has coupled with renowned designers to develop a wide range of flushing systems that utilize multiple materials and finishes. Fascinating design coupled with sophisticated technology will enable you to give the bathroom space a fresh, completed look. These highly functional, easy-to-clean systems provide optimal space-saving to your home or business. 

Viega in-wall flushing technology meets at the intersection of brilliant design and reliable functionality. Our easy-to-install flush plates come with a 10-year warranty and with 65 award-winning designs to choose from.

Competitive advantage

·         Not one company in the North American in-wall market has successfully positioned itself as a market leader.

·         This leaves the market with a large share of undeveloped prospects.

·         With your help, Viega LLC will become the market leader.

Viega flush plates: The benefits

  • Available in 40+ award-winning designs

  • Visign for More plates: Bowden cable drive is smooth and quiet

  • Visign for More plates: can be mounted flush.

  • Visign for Style 10, 13, and 14 are mechanical.

  • Visign for Style 12 features Bowden cables for smooth-running dual-flush technology.

  • Visign for Style 10, 12, and 14 can be mounted flush with the tile.



Flush plate Design features

  • All plates are thinner than the competition

  • Even when mounted normally, they provide a sleeker design.

  • Level: Flush-mounted installation – for the contemporary use of space and functionality.

  • Touchless: Visign for More sensitive – for hygienic actuation comfort without fingerprints.

  • Luxurious: Visign for More – the Visign range for the highest demands on form, function, and material.

  • Stylish: Visign for Style – the Visign range for aesthetic accents in the bathroom.

  • Durable: Visign for Public – attractive actuating panel built for demanding conditions.

Viega Eco plus WC carrier: The benefits


  • 10-year warranty for internal parts and lifetime warranty for the frame

  • Save up to 6 inches of design space

  • More efficient water use than traditional systems

  • Can be mounted in wood or metal studs with three fastening points into the studs, directly onto the back wall with two fastening points, with mounting rails sold separately.

    • All Viega Eco Plus elements can be combined with all Viega flush plates.

    • Viega flushing system carriers conceal the tank and internal components of a wall hung water closet for a clean modern look.



Eco plus WC carrier design features


  • Robust, powder-coated frame construction made of steel

  • All internal components, including flush valve, fill valve, and shutoff valve are accessible behind the flush plate for ease of maintenance.

  • German engineered fill valves are designed to handle the most aggressive water, making Viega Eco Plus WC carriers ideal for graywater, rainwater, and other water reuse systems.

Ceco Sinks - Cast Iron Service Sinks since 1928

January 31, 2017

Metro-rep would like to announce the addition of CECO Sinks to the Family of lines!!

In 1928, CECO founder Michael Hurray decided to offer a superior line of porcelain enameled cast-iron fixtures for residential and commercial plumbing systems. These products of supreme workmanship, versatile design, and resilient materials would deliver lasting value and stand the test of time.

For over four generations, family-owned CECO (Commercial Enameling Company) has become a mainstay feature of homes and businesses across the country. From kitchen and bathroom sinks in homes, schools, and hospitals to lavatories and floor sinks in supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes, CECO products are trusted to function impeccably whenever needed. 

The CECO foundry was established to manufacture cast iron sinks with porcelain enamel applications, and sell them to neighboring families and businesses. In the heat of World War II, CECO shifted factory output to cast metal bomb casings that would be used by U.S. troops fighting abroad.

Today, co-owners Matthew and Mark continue to deliver the CECO promise of quality craftsmanship and genuine care for each product that leaves their warehouse doors. Every CECO fixture is a tribute to the pursuit of the dream that began back in 1928; where every satisfied customer is testimony to a brighter future ahead.

CECO Milestones

  • CECO offers a limited lifetime warranty on a wide range of plumbing fixture designs, makes, and models, including a variety of discontinued products no longer offered by competitors.  

  • CECO products are readily available to be shipped nationwide from their distribution center headquartered in Santa Ana, California, or from regional warehouses strategically located throughout the country.

  • CECO has formed strategic global partnerships and streamlined their manufacturing, distribution, and triple-inspection process to ensure a superior product each and every time.

leakSMART joins the versatile family of lines that Metro-Rep offers!! See below

March 22, 2017

Metro-rep would like to announce the addition of leakSMART Pro Systems to the Family of lines!!

Meet leakSMART™

leakSMART stops water damage before it starts. The system not only detects water leaks throughout your home, but also shuts off the water in less than 5 seconds when a leak is detected. Plus, it alerts you when detecting water leaks with audible and visible alarms, as well as smart device app notifications.

Are you a Nest Home? The leakSMART Complete Home Leak Detection Kit works with Nest and can now give you both complete home water protection and peace of mind.

leakSMART™ monitors your home 24/7 for water leaks and temperature changes to help you avoid water damage.

The system's can immediately detect both leaking water and dropping temperatures with leakSMART™ water leak sensors. The water alarm sensor will alert the system to automatically shut off the home's water supply when a water leak is detected.

Your home’s water is shut off as soon as a leak is detected. Plus, you can remotely control your main water valve from anywhere.

Professional installation of your leakSMARTTM system is strongly recommended because the leakSMART™ Valve connects directly to your home’s main water supply.

leakSMARTTM continues to win awards for its innovative and proven water leak detection and automatic water shut-off system. leakSMART won the prestigious Editors' Choice Award in the 2015/16 Internet Of Things Awards. The system also won a Silver Stevie from the American Business Awards for the 2016 New Consumer Electronics Product.

Remotely manage your home’s water with the leakSMARTTM app, available for iOS and Android. Receive instant alerts at the first sign of a water leak, and when your home’s water has been automatically shut off after detecting water leaks. Plus, remotely control your home’s main water valve with the push of a button.

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